Give Your Brand A Voice That Your Customers Remember

In a world where there are new brands emerging every day, it’s hard to stay unique and relevant. Which is where VAAO comes in. To give your brand a voice that your customers remember, recall and connect to. Retail branding influences your customer's experiences and purchasing

Our Products

Window Displays

Your store is where your brand is, and that’s where our ideas are invested in. Window displays is our favorite zone which needs to be excellent to attract the passers-by to come in and shop. This is where we get our creative nerve working to bring imagination to reality and make interesting props.


POS/POP Displays

Visual merchandising is key to any successful marketing strategy and POP Displays are central to its success. At Vaao, we are always looking for new ways to display and sell your products. Customized fabrications for your POP display to suit your product design or festive theme plays an important role for your product to be chosen among 100 others in the competition.

Display Stands

Customized fabrications for your product displays to suit your brand's value. Product design plays an important role in your product to get noticed. We can craft these custom displays in different materials like wood, acrylic, forex, styro or metal, lit / non-lit


As silent salespeople, kiosks do much more when placed in the limelight of high traffic zones in malls. This needs to be sophisticated and functional to get you best results of your display. At Vaao, with full capability, we construct these kiosks for optimum results.



We don’t just stop with creating a curiosity for your brand. Our team doesn’t stop until we provide tailor-made, dazzling, signages to effectively boost sales. At Vaao, we fabricate and install all kinds of Signages.

LED Screens

We have a large variety of LED displays that can help you create nearly any size and shape screen you desire. Our LED display systems are seamless, providing clear and detailed imaging. We have a large range of creative solutions ranging from 1-100mm in indoor, outdoor and curvable configurations. Whether you are looking to increase curb appeal, target impulse buyers or simply attract attention, LED is the answer.

Floor Graphics

No space should be wasted when it comes to marketing your business to customers and that includes the floor. Effective signage can exist in every aspect of consumer vision, but few pieces of signage exemplify this idea more than floor graphics. Designed to be walked on, floor graphics are exactly as their name suggests: specialized decals designed for floor advertising. The most efficient floor graphics are placed in areas of high foot traffic in permanent or temporary consumer-friendly space.


Styro Works

This is where our creative nerve gets wild with possibilities, bringing an element to life size in 3D. Whether we need simple freestand text or a 3D Props for Stage decorations, Events, Retail displays, parties or weddings, We can fabricate and set it all with amazing outputs.


Glass Branding

Glass Branding is a novel way of enhancing your partitions. Most widely used in hotels, offices, theme parks etc. We can offer wide range of options for glass branding from frosted patterns to colour films or customized prints / patterns via UV printing directly on glass.

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